How Does Stareway To Spelling Work?

How Does Stareway To Spelling Work?

Who Needs Stareway To Spelling?

Stareway To Spelling can help both children or adults who struggle to spell and read non-phonetic words. That is, words that are not spelt as they sound. For example, words like enough.

Stareway To Spelling  is ideal for all students aged 7 and upwards.

Adults of any age can also benefit from Stareway To Spelling.

It boosts confidence by greatly reducing the ‘embarrassment factor’ weak spellers may feel.

Stareway To Spelling also enhances functional literacy. These are the daily tasks that many take for granted. For example, the ability to complete forms, fill out a job application, send an e-mail, or write a letter.

Even good spellers can benefit from Stareway To Spelling.

For good spellers, the connections between sight and sound is well-developed. When writing a word good spellers can visualize the shape and relative position of the letters clearly.

However, even good spellers can be unsure of the spelling of some words. Stareway To Spelling gives them the strategies to improve their ability to  correctly spell words they have difficulty with.

Who Can Teach Stareway To Spelling?

As with all Keda Cowling’s literacy manuals, Stareway To Spelling is a complete, self-contained teaching aid. It can be used by qualified teachers, classroom assistants, parents, or indeed any literate person.

When Should Stareway To Spelling Be Studied?

Stareway To Spelling is a very flexible system. It can be used successfully on a daily or weekly basis.

However, for optimum results, tutors should aim to complete at least 4 lessons a week on separate days.

Lessons should last for 15-20 minutes.

How Should Stareway To Spelling Be Studied?

Before attempting any spelling exercise, tutors should first ensure the student can read the target words.

Spelling is tested in both word lists and in dictated sentences.

Any spelling errors are then isolated and worked on methodically and systematically.

Following this spelling practice, the student is then retested. This gives both the student and the tutor a written comparison with their earlier efforts.

Stareway To Spelling Videos

For a series of excellent video guides on how best to tutor the Stareway To Spelling book, click on this link:

Stareway To Spelling Videos