How Does Toe By Toe Work?

How Does Toe By Toe Work?

Who Needs Toe By Toe?

Toe By Toe can help any child or adult who has reading difficulties.

A child or adult may have ‘reading difficulties’ due to a number of different reasons.

Some common causes of reading difficulties include:

  • Dyslexia
  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Auditory processing disorder (APD)
  • Autism
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN)
  • ‘Decoding’ difficulties

Typically, the ability to ‘decode’ text and the written word is at the core of reading difficulties.

Children and adults who struggle to read fluently have difficulty in reading unfamiliar words confidently and accurately.

Reading fluently, without pausing or hesitating when confronted by an unfamiliar word, is challenging for them.

Fortunately, Toe By Toe is a proven solution to anyone struggling to read.

Keda’s Recommendation For Toe By Toe

Keda Cowling – the author and creator of Toe By Toe who dedicated nearly 50 years of her life to teaching and in particular, to child literacy – has helped 500,000 people improve their reading.

Keda recommends that the minimum age for a child to start Toe By Toe is 7+ years of age. In the UK, that means the optimum age to begin Toe By Toe is the start of year 3. In the USA, that is equal to the 2nd Grade.

However, even if a child doesn’t have any significant reading difficultiesToe By Toe can also be used effectively at a younger age.

For example, if you want to support or accelerate a child’s progress and give them the best start in learning the English language, Toe By Toe is an ideal tool to achieve this.

Children as young as 5 have recorded a ‘reading age’ above their actual years as a result of using Toe By Toe.

Any child, teenager or adult with reading diffiulties, whatever their age, can benefit from using Toe By Toe. We have many cases of children with a reading age lower than their actual age, or study year, who started Toe By Toe in year 6 (11 years of age in the UK), but who consequently met their end of year curriculum targets.

Indeed, after completing Toe By Toe we expect a student’s reading age to improve by at least 3 years. In some cases it improves by as much as 7 years!

Who Can Teach Toe By Toe?

As with all Keda Cowling’s literacy manuals, Toe By Toe is a complete, self-contained teaching aid that can be used by qualified teachers, classroom assistants, parents, or indeed any literate person.

When Should Toe By Toe Be Studied?

Toe By Toe should be used a little and a lot!

By that we mean the student and tutor only need to study the exercises for 20-30 minutes a day.

How Should Toe By Toe Be Studied?

As mentioned above, although study time is brief, because of the systematic method Toe By Toe applies, the student must study every day.

The exercises can be coached at school with a teacher, or for example, at home with a parent.

Toe By Toe has very clear instructions for tutors on how to deliver the exercises.

We also have a rich variety of videos showing you how to get the best out of Toe By Toe.

Check out our at this link – Toe By Toe Videos here. You won’t be disappointed!

Harry Potter author JK Rowling praises Toe By Toe

Harry Potter author JK Rowling praises Toe By Toe

Best-selling author of the Harry Potter books JK ROWLING considers Toe By Toe is

“One of the most important books I’ve ever signed. Learning to read represents a significant turning point in anyone’s life, and may be the one thing that makes a difference to help people in prison turn their lives around”

– JK ROWLING, inspecting the success of Toe By Toe working with dyslexic prisoners at HMP Edinburgh in 2008)