How is Stride Ahead Delivered?

How is Stride Ahead delivered?

This is a frequent question that parents and tutors ask us.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be trained in any field of education to tutor Stride Ahead. Almost any literate person can help students learn to improve their reading skills and comprehension. Tutoring Stride Ahead is not restricted to members of the teaching profession only.

In fact, the manual often works better with non-professionals! Why? Because non-professionals do not come to the task of ‘How is Stride Ahead delivered’ with any pre-conceived notions on how to teach. As a result, they simply follow the very detailed instructions in Stride Ahead to the letter.

Genuinely, ANYONE who can read fluently and who has a desire to help others can tutor with Stride Ahead.

  • A parent wanting to help their child’s education
  • A grandparent or family member who daily spends time with a child
  • A teenager could very effectively coach their younger sibling
  • An older student acting as a peer to a younger student

The Buddy System

Indeed, the ‘Buddy System’ of older students schooling younger students with both Stride Ahead  and Toe By Toe  has proven extremely successful.

Click here to learn more of how The Buddy System works.

Similarly, UK prisons have used Stride Ahead  and Toe By Toe to combat adult dyslexia and illiteracy in the prison population.

As in the Buddy System at schools, prisoners act as tutors to fellow prisoners.

As this video documentary shows, Toe By Toe in Prisons has been hugely successful on many levels.

How is Stride Ahead Delivered – Instructional Videos

To help you better understand ‘How is Stride Ahead Delivered’, take some time to study this excellent collection of instructional Stride Ahead Videos.

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The Stride Ahead Videos are ‘MUST SEE’ material for any tutor helping a student studying Stride Ahead.