Stareway To Spelling

Stareway To Spelling

Stareway To Spelling  aims to help students – children and adults – with serious literacy problems. It focuses on how to spell and read the 300 most used words in the English language quickly, confidently and accurately.

Astonishingly, these 300 words form 72% of the all the words that we regularly use. The problem with many of the words is that they are not phonetically consistent. That is to say, how a word looks and how a word sounds varies. For anyone who struggles to ‘decode’ words when reading also struggles to retrieve and ‘encode’ words when writing and spelling. In effect, for struggling readers, the ‘sight’ and ‘sound’ of words do not work well together for them. There is only a weak connection between the two. The neural pathways are not well established so for some, the correct choice of letters and their placement does not come easily.

If the conventional spelling of a word is phonetically consistent, they may not experience any difficulty. They can write it as it sounds. For example, not or can are easy to recall and write (although the similar sounding knot is another matter!). Where students with reading difficulties experience problems in the spelling of words it is with words such as ‘said’ which they may write as ‘sed’ or ‘zed’. They may well have seen the word many times. However, due to their weak image recall, they can only rely on sound to help them reproduce it.

In contrast, for good spellers the connections between sight and sound are well developed. Their neural pathways between the two areas of the  brain processing these senses are strong. So, when writing a particular word, they an visualise the shapes and relative positions of the letters clearly.

Stareway To Spelling and the 300 Most Used Words in the English Language

Stareway To Spelling  ensures a student commits the 300 most used words to long-term memory and can recall the words at will. In doing so, they will greatly increase their ability to connect the sight and sound of words and start to read, spell and write words more rapidly and spontaneously.

The Stareway To Spelling  manual has clear instructions for the tutor to follow. You do not need to be a qualified teacher to work with the book at home with your child. Spelling is taught on a 1:1 basis using our unique RAWS process (Read – Analyse – Write – Spell).

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