Stride Ahead Videos

Stride Ahead  Videos

To help you better understand how to get the most out of Stride Ahead, take some time to study this excellent collection of instructional Stride Ahead Videos below.

The Stride Ahead Videos give tutors a clear working model of ‘best-practices’ when using Stride Ahead with students.

There are ELEVEN videos in total. The first video is a live teacher-training session, presented by Keda Cowling’s son and co-author of Stride Ahead,  Frank Cowling. Frank explains what is Stride Ahead  and the importance of syllable division.

The other ten Stride Ahead videos are presented by Kelsey Cowling, who is also Keda Cowling’s son. Kelsey is also the co-author of Stareway To Spelling. In the Stride Ahead Videos, Kelsey shows how to use Stride Ahead in a variety of exercise types in a number of live training sessions with students.

The full list of the Stride Ahead Videos is:

  1. Stride Ahead  Video 01 – An Introduction
  2. Stride Ahead  Video 02 – Syllable Division
  3. Stride Ahead  Video 03 – 1st Preliminary Exercise
  4. Stride Ahead   Video 04 – 2nd Preliminary Exercise
  5. Stride Ahead   Video 05 – Tips for Tutors
  6. Stride Ahead   Video 06 – Pages 12 & 13, Exercise 1 and 2
  7. Stride Ahead   Video 07 – Pages 14 & 15, Exercise 1 and 2
  8. Stride Ahead  Video 08 – Page 21, Exercise 6
  9. Stride Ahead   Video 09 – Page 32, Revision Page
  10. Stride Ahead Video 10 – Page 65 Exercise 2

NB: Also check out the downloadable documents on the right. They contain content that complements the Stride Ahead book.