Stride Ahead

Students learning Stride Ahead with the author Keda Cowling

Stride Ahead  has been written for students who can read but have difficulty in understanding and comprehending. I believe that this is because their minds are too occupied with the mechanics of decoding the written language. This prevents them from giving adequate attention to meaning of the text.

Often these students become so adept at disguising their poor reading skills (by guesswork allied with contextual clues) that their teachers may not even be aware that they have a problem. In effect, they reach a ‘reading plateau’ and they often remain there throughout their school years and into adult life.

In the late 1970’s I created a unique syllable division which was incorporated into the reading manual Toe By Toe. Over many years this system has successfully taught thousands of people – dyslexics and non-dyslexics – to read. This success is due to the application of this easy-to-use syllable division and the structured over-teaching of the phonemes in question.

The aim of Stride Ahead  is to make these phonemes so familiar to dyslexic students that they are able to recognise them instantaneously, without concentrated mental effort. This ‘frees them up’ so they can get on with the important process of understanding text . Timing is the key to this process and careful timing forms the essence of the Stride Ahead  method.

– Keda Cowling, Author Stride Ahead

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Stride Ahead




Stride Ahead



“…it gives a fantastic foundation in literacy skills. My son came top of his class in reading after going through Stride Ahead”
Mrs Shaw (parent), Ayrshire, KA5

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