One of the most heart-warming things about all our Keda Publications manuals for me is to receive unsolicited letters of thanks from students, parents and teachers who successfully use our books. We share with you here and on other related pages just a few of the thousands of Testimonials we have received – and continue to receive! – on how our study books transforms lives.
– Keda Cowling, author and founder of Toe By Toe

Thrilled and Shocked By Progress
“Recently my son completed Stride Ahead.  After working hard on his SATs, he is absolutely thrilled and shocked to find he has achieved Level 4 on all subjects! He now looks forward to high school with an excited anticipation rather than dread and fear. Thank you so much for changing his life.”
Mrs J Smith (Parent) West Yorkshire HD7 5SR

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Stride Ahead Testimonials


Need to Improve a Child’s Reading Skills? Look No Further!
Stride Ahead  has given those of our pupils who had previously found reading a laborious, unrewarding experience the ability to read effortlessly. Their new found ability to read with speed, even when the text contains words unknown to them, has boosted their confidence and enhanced their performance across the curriculum.

In our experience, three to four 20 minute sessions per week allows the full programme to be successfully completed in half an academic year. We use groups of three pupils in each 20 minute session. We also successfully involved parents for the timed sentence reading for homework. One learning support assistant was able to work with nine pupils in an hour thus cutting costs considerably.

This booster, speed-reading programme accelerates processing speed to the point where pupils can focus on ‘reading to learn.’  This makes reading an effortless and pleasurable experience.

Incidentally those school leaders who have been looking for a resource to boost pupils from the National Curriculum level 3 to 4 and beyond- need look no further.

Jim Godfrey, Headteacher of Marston Vale Middle School, Bedfordshire, England
Life Changer!
“Last week I rolled out an intensive reading program using Stride Ahead  to 17 of our 68 students studying for a Certificate in Agriculture. I had identified these 17 students as having a low level of literacy. I and a helper managed to get through all 17 students each day (whew!). We took them out of classroom and workshops individually for 20 minutes at a time and they worked incredibly hard – many of these are hard drinking “take-no-shit” young men who have not succeeded well in the school system. All but one is very positive about the program because they can see progress and at last reading is making sense.

Based on my experience last year with Stride Ahead  (the program was terrific but it was in the student’s own time and thus I did not have a good uptake) and so far this year, I am absolutely delighted to have a program that has been so well developed, which I don’t have to stay up late into the night planning, preparing and marking and which captures and convinces the students.

If you have the opportunity to pass on my thanks to Keda please do so. Her incredible hard work and dedication to the task of creating Stride Ahead  has given me a tool which has not only allowed me to do my job properly (there does not appear to be a similar program out there for my aged students) but most importantly it has given 17 mainly young men a chance to move from the barely able to cope in this world of text to confidence”

Jan Johnstone, Telford Rural Polytechnic, New Zealand - May 2009
The GREAT Keda Cowling!
“He is also reading Stride Ahead.  It is indeed a great book. I have found his short term memory to have increased after reading just 1/3rd of the book. It not only is an essential add on for Toe By Toe  but also has a very positive effect on comprehension. My son is now more confident, has a very good reading capability, can write emails and essays better and can comprehend much better, JUST BECAUSE of the GREAT Keda Cowling.”
Dr Unwar Aswan – Medical doctor and parent, Pakistan - Feb. 2009


Toe By Toe Testimonials


Top of his Class
“…it gives a fantastic foundation in literacy skills. My son came top of his class in reading after going through Stride Ahead.
Mrs Shaw (parent), Ayrshire, KA5 6HN
Foolproof Method to Develop Reading and Literacy Skills
I have been meaning to write to you for some time in praise of your brilliant resources Toe By Toe  and Stride Ahead.  During my career I have used many different resources and I am convinced that using your manuals, in conjunction with some of my own resources and methods, is a foolproof method of not only teaching and developing reading skills, but enhancing literacy skills for pupils of all ages”
Mairi I., Supp. for Learning Teacher, Scottish Highlands - March 2009
Extremely Grateful
Toe By Toe  and Stride Ahead  continue to hit the mark with our students and we continue to be extremely grateful.”
SENCO at a secondary school in Watford - July 2009
Enormous Satisfaction
“As a teacher, I have learnt so much from Toe By Toe  and Stride Ahead.  As a parent, I have enjoyed the process and had the enormous satisfaction of watching my child blossom and take pride in her own achievement. The impact is far reaching. She has learnt not to give up and that even the most insurmountable problem can probably be overcome with the right ‘tools’, some hard work and a little support. We can never thank you enough.”
Clare D. – Parent/teacher, Aberdeenshire. May 2008


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