Toe By Toe in Prisons – Documentary Video

Toe By Toe in Prisons Documentary Video

This Toe By Toe in Prisons Documentary Video shows how Toe By Toe has helped countless prisoners improve their reading and literacy skills.

By improving their reading and literacy skills, Toe By Toe has improved the prospects of thousands of ex-prisoners.

Because the sad but brutal truth is that:

“More than 40% of prisoners have literacy skills so low that on release they are ineligible for more than 90% of jobs.”


Testimonials in Praise of Toe By Toe in Prisons

Toe By Toe in Prisons - Documentary Video

Harry Potter author JK Rowling praises Toe By Toe

 Best-selling author of the Harry Potter books JK ROWLING considers Toe By Toe is

“One of the most important books I’ve ever signed. Learning to read represents a significant turning point in anyone’s life, and may be the one thing that makes a difference to help people in prison turn their lives around”

– JK ROWLING, inspecting the success of Toe By Toe working with dyslexic prisoners at HMP Edinburgh in 2008)


The Youth Justice Service in the UK praises Toe By Toe

The Toe By Toe training was invaluable. We have seen the benefits for our young people. It has been a great intervention and we hope to continue using and working with Toe By Toe

A prisoner at HMP Wakefield who was a mentor teaching fellow prisoners with their literacy skills, using Toe By Toe

“I can confirm that we together have eradicated illiteracy on A-Wing using Toe By Toe and we now struggle to find people to help. Our students are all on ‘Stride Ahead’ except one who is almost there! He is dyslexic”

Rob Davis, Governor, HMP Chelmsford

Toe By Toe works with and not against my education provider. I truly believe it provides a better opportunity for the offenders in reducing their risk of re-offending and gaining further education or employment on release

Chris, a prisoner who learnt to read and write by studying Toe By Toe in Prison

“It’s a great feeling when you can read and write. I definitely want to help someone else and pass it on to them. Whoever thought of them little red books [Toe By Toe] did brilliant.”

Using Toe By Toe in Prisons Documentary Video

View the Toe By Toe in Prisons Documentary Video below for a moving but inspiring insight into Toe By Toe in Prisons.


Toe By Toe in Prisons Documentary Video


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