Toe by Toe in Prisons

Toe By Toe in Prisons

Toe By Toe in Prisons has helped countless prisoners improve their reading and literacy skills.

Not only has studying Toe By Toe in Prisons helped the many individuals, it also has positive benefits for the wider society.

It is a sad but brutal truth that:

“More than 40% of prisoners have literacy skills so low that on release they are ineligible for more than 90% of jobs.”

By improving their reading and literacy skills, Toe By Toe has improved the prospects of thousands of ex-prisoners.

Instead of returning to crime on their release from prison, and so becoming repeat offenders destined to return to prison again and again, many now have regular employment and all the satisfaction and benefits that brings.

Toe By Toe in Prisons, Combatting Adult Dyslexia

Toe By Toe in Prisons, Combatting Adult Dyslexia

Testimonials in Praise of Toe By Toe in Prisons

Toe By Toe in Prisons

Harry Potter author JK Rowling praises Toe By Toe

 Best-selling author of the Harry Potter books JK ROWLING considers Toe By Toe is

“One of the most important books I’ve ever signed. Learning to read represents a significant turning point in anyone’s life, and may be the one thing that makes a difference to help people in prison turn their lives around”

– JK ROWLING, inspecting the success of Toe By Toe working with dyslexic prisoners at HMP Edinburgh in 2008)


Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron praises the “remarkable” Toe By Toe

“In prison  people can’t read. They need help. It’s common sense. Toe By Toe is remarkable in prison.”

David Cameron praises Toe By Toe in prisons


Nick Hardwick praises Toe By Toe

Nick Hardwick praises Toe By Toe


Chairman of the UK Prison Parole Board Nick Hardwick praises Toe By Toe

“At a time when politicians and policy makers are looking to try and break the cycle of reoffending, Toe By Toe is something we know works”

Chris, a prisoner who learnt to read and write by studying Toe By Toe in Prison

”It’s a great feeling when you can read and write. I definitely want to help someone else and pass it on to them. Whoever thought of them little red books [Toe By Toe] did brilliant.”

Brian, a prison officer, joint winner of the Shannon Trust/Prison Officers’ Association Toe By Toe Prize, 2011

”Toe by Toe’s approach is personal and effective, the results are tangible and measurable, the difference it makes is lasting. I have seen first hand how Toe by Toe is like a match to dry kindling. The person begins to see themselves make some progress, new ambitions are ignited and new paths opened. Shannon Trust through Toe By Toe is changing lives”

(The Toe By Toe in Prisons Cup is awarded to POA members who make an outstanding contribution to the Shannon Trust Toe By Toe Reading Plan)

The Shannon Trust and Toe By Toe in Prisons

The Shannon Trust is a charity dedicated to improving the literacy skills of prisoners throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

For fourteen years it provided copies of Toe By Toe free of charge to prisons which adopted the Toe By Toe reading plan.

It now has a presence in almost all the prisons in the country – 180 out of 190.

The reading plan involved literate offenders teaching prisoners with weak reading skills on a one to one basis.

The effects have been dramatic. Prisoners not only made huge improvements in their reading, but their confidence and self esteem was boosted also.

The tutors themselves felt a sense of pride, responsibility and achievement. They were making a positive contribution to society.

This positive contribution was, for many tutors, the first time in their lives they had experience so much pride, responsibility and achievement in their actions and deeds.

Watch a moving and inspiring video Toe By Toe in Prisons – Documentary Video



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