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Now available in United States of America and Canada / Australia and New Zealand!

The USA version of Toe by Toe was published in 2014 and is ONLY available to purchase from the  website or from our representative, Kathleen Finley in New Jersey. It is not possible to buy this version from the internet, other than via our US website.

To place an order in the USA, please purchase online via our USA website or contact:

Kathleen Finley
(609) 770-3697
317 Sunset Boulevard
Cape May, New Jersey 08204 USA

(Please note that the American version of TBT is ONLY available from Kathleen in N.J. or this website)

To place an order in Canada

Please email us at Alternatively, you can order through the TBT website at

To place an order in Australia or New Zealand

The Toe by Toe manual can only be purchased in Australasia from our representatives, Pearson Clinical, suppliers of products and services and experts in the field of educational psychology. Click here to order  from