What is Toe By Toe?

What is Toe By Toe? The joy a child gets from learning to read fluently

What is Toe By Toe? A student proudly displays a Toe By Toe Certificate of Completion

What is Toe By Toe?

Developed over 25 years, Toe By Toe can be used by anyone aged 7 and upwards.

It is essentially a decoding book.

Students learn to convert letters (or groups of letters – words) into the appropriate sounds.

In simple terms, Toe By Toe gives people the ability to read the English language.

Toe By Toe has successfully helped both children and adults, including those for who English is not their first language.

More than 500,000 people with reading difficulties, of all ages, have greatly improved their reading fluency and comprehension, thanks to Toe By Toe.

“Before Toe by Toe, I was living in a deep dark hole. Everyone else understood things and I didn’t. When I was given Toe by Toe, I felt a rope ladder had been thrown down to me. It didn’t have any rungs… I had to build them myself and that has taken time. Now I feel I’m near the top and I can see daylight. I feel sorry for anyone stuck at the bottom.”
Edward Charlton (aged 10), Nantwich, Cheshire


What is Toe By Toe? The solution to reading difficulties


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Harry Potter author JK Rowling praises Toe By Toe

Harry Potter author JK Rowling praises Toe By Toe

Best-selling author of the Harry Potter books JK ROWLING considers Toe By Toe is

“One of the most important books I’ve ever signed. Learning to read represents a significant turning point in anyone’s life, and may be the one thing that makes a difference to help people in prison turn their lives around”

– JK ROWLING, inspecting the success of Toe By Toe working with dyslexic prisoners at HMP Edinburgh in 2008)