Who Can Stareway To Spelling Help?

Who Can Stareway To Spelling  Help?

Stareway To Spelling helps children or adults who struggle to spell and read non-phonetic words. That is, words that are not spelt as they sound. For example, enough.

Stareway To Spelling in Schools

The Stareway To Spelling  manual is ideal for all students aged 7 and upwards.

Stareway To Spelling and Adults

Any one of any age can benefit from Stareway To Spelling. It boosts confidence by greatly reducing the ‘embarrassment factor’ weak spellers experience.

It also enhances functional literacy. For example, the ability to fill out a form or a job application, send an e-mail or write a letter.

Common ‘Tell-Tale’ Symptoms of ‘Weak’ Spellers

Anyone who struggles to ‘decode’ words when reading

Anyone who struggles to retrieve and ‘encode’ words when writing and spelling.

Weak spellers may have seen a word many times but – due to their weak image recall – they can only rely on sound to help them reproduce it.

If a word is spelt as it sounds then students may have no difficulty. For example,  ‘not’ or ‘can’. However, a word like ‘said’ may be spelt as ‘sed’.


Who can Stareway To Spelling Help


“I confirm that Lewis has now completed Stareway To Spelling  and his spelling age has gone up by 4 years as a result.”
SENCO at a junior school in Essex – May 2012