Who is Stride Ahead Designed For?

Who is Stride Ahead  Designed For?

Let’s now consider who is Stride Ahead  best designed for.

School Use

Students of all ages attend school and colleges to learn. To learn from text, you need the ability to read.

Being able to read without fully understanding the content, context and meaning of a text potentially disadvantages a student.

It is absolutely critical that students can both understand and gain meaning from text.

For fluent readers it is easy. It is as if the actual words are invisible. When reading, all they do is absorb information.

However, there are many students who – although they have the necessary decoding skills to read – they still find reading a laborious, unrewarding activity.

Stride Ahead   is the perfect tool to help these particular students. Studying Stride Ahead  helps students to increasingly ‘blank out’ the ‘white noise’ of written text. That is, the minor details of a text.

It is the worrying over the ‘minor detail’ of a text that distracts a student from achieving the main object of reading a text: understanding it and extracting meaning from it.

Stride Ahead  aims to ‘free them up’ from this distraction, giving them more time, desire and ability to understand a text and to extract more meaning from it.

Developing and improving this skill is critical for everyone’s education.

After all, isn’t exam success linked to a clear understanding of written questions?

The check list below offers a quick ‘snap shot’ of who can best benefit from studying Stride Ahead.

We Recommend:

That school students do not begin Stride Ahead  until they have a reading age of 8 ½ years.
Stride Ahead  for anyone who can read (decode) reasonably well.
That Toe By Toe  students should start Stride Ahead  ONLY once they have reached page 205 of Toe By Toe.

That even if students start studying Stride Ahead after reaching page 205 of Toe By Toe, they ABSOLUTELY MUST still complete ALL of the Toe By Toe  manual.

Link with Toe By Toe

We are often asked how  Stride Ahead should be used or integrated with  Toe By Toe.

Our recommendation is that students who are working through  Toe By Toe should ONLY start to study Stride Ahead once they reach page 205  of Toe By Toe.

By this page of Toe By Toe students have the necessary decoding skills are in place. It is the perfect time to introduce Stride Ahead for the student.

NB: Stride Ahead  should NOT replace Toe By Toe  if this option is applied. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that Toe By Toe  is completed to its very last page, its very last exercise.

If the student and tutor agree to studying both books simultaneously, we recommend using Toe By Toe  and Stride Ahead  on alternate study days.

Adult Use

When asking ‘Who is Stride Ahead designed for?’, let’s not forget adults, either.

Any adult with weak reading or poor comprehension skills can also benefit from studying Stride Ahead.


Who is Stride Ahead Designed For?



Who is Stride Ahead Designed For?


“A good reader is only conscious of meaning. The print on the page is all but invisible”
Prof. Diane McGuinness