Worldwide Testimonials For Toe By Toe


One of the most heart-warming things about Toe By Toe for me is to receive unsolicited letters of thanks from students, parents and teachers who successfully use the manual. In this short collection of Worldwide Testimonials For Toe By Toe, read how lives  have been transformed for both children and adults who learned to read with Toe By Toe.
– Keda Cowling, author and founder of Toe By Toe

Worldwide Testimonials For Toe By Toe

Toe By Toe – A Book for EVERY Child Learning to Read – Canadian Mother

“Dear Heather, I wanted to thank you so much for introducing my son Parker to the Toe By Toe program. After years of struggling with reading and writing, at age 9 he was finally diagnosed with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia. By this time his confidence had been extremely crushed and he suffered from anxiety. My husband and I had spent thousands and thousands of dollars on Sylvan and eye therapy. Nothing helped.

“When you introduced Parker to the Toe By Toe program I was so excited. We have not yet finished the program, but thus far his reading has improved ten fold. His confidence has also gone up and he now looks forward to going to school. Parker now reads books on his own and to his sisters.

Toe By Toe has been a complete life saver. I truly believe every child learning to read could benefit from Toe By Toe, not just the ones who have Dyslexia or trouble reading. Once again Heather my husband and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Sincerely, Tracey”
– Message from a grateful parent to Heather Maahs, a reading expert in Western Canada

Dyslexic Parent Helping Dyslexic Child To Read in New Zealand

“My child’s school asked me get Toe By Toe to help my dyslexic nine year old. What a fabulous tool! Especially for a parent who has dyslexia! Toe By Toe is not only helping my child, but I am learning at the same time.”
– Review from customer in New Zealand, 2009

Dutch Boy Learns to Read English, Thanks to Toe By Toe

“My name is Matthew and I joined my school halfway through Year 3 in 2014. At the time I could not speak English as I come from the Netherlands. I started Toe By Toe straight away and I am now in Year 6 and have just completed it. It has helped me a lot with my reading and also my spellings. I have just got my pen license for the first time. I didn’t get it in Year 5 but I got it this year.”
– Letter to Keda Cowling from a pupil in a Yorkshire primary school – Jan 2017


Worldwide Testimonials For Toe By Toe


Rapid Reading Age Improvement Using Toe By Toe in the U.S.

“I bought Toe By Toe after reading about it on a blog. We are half way through it and my dyslexic son’s reading level has already improved by one grade level. I cannot say enough good things about this book. It is easy to use. We only do it for about 10-15 minutes a day. It is a bit boring, but that is fine. It works! I highly recommend it and I have done to lots of people”
– Parent, Indianapolis, USA, Feb 2014

Swedish Boy Learns to Read and Spell English with Toe By Toe

“Dear Mrs Cowling, Thank you for Toe By Toe. I was born in Sweden and I have lived in England for 8 months. Thanks to Toe By Toe I can now read and spell English. I have completed the book and enjoyed doing it”
– Johan Andersson – 9 years old

Success Teaching Toe By Toe in Both the U.K. and Canada

“I have used Toe By Toe for almost 20 years with hundreds of students. The success I have had with your ‘little red book’ is terrific. I used it in a comprehensive school in Surrey in the U.K. Since moving to Canada, I have used it as a private tutor with many students, age 7 to 13”
– Barbara B. – private tutor, Canada Nov 2016


Worldwide Testimonials For Toe By Toe


Toe By Toe – Best ‘Value-For-Money’ Purchase EVER! – South Africa

“I can honestly say Toe By Toe is the first program that I have found after trying about 20 others that has worked. I was very nervous to spend more money on Toe By Toe as I have wasted thousands of rands on other reading programs. It is the best value for money that I have ever spent!”
– B.B., parent, South Africa

‘Problem’ Kids Learning to Read with Toe By Toe in New Zealand

“I have worked with a number of students who have been described as ‘difficult’ or ‘trouble making’ in a classroom environment. Toe By Toe helped the students to become confident and happy. They want to learn and join in with their classmates”
– Sharon Jensen, TA, Tongariro Sch, New Zealand March 2011